My Maternal Grandmother
Irene Whitehead MacAdam Dunham
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On the Beach
enlargement from
picture on left
John in bathing costume
My Great Grandmother
Mary Whitehead
My Grandmother, Irene (Mommie)
at the beach - July 17, 1918
My Grandfather - John MacAdam
July 17, 1918
White Dress
On a Bike
Irene and friend
Irene - 1920
Irene and a friend
Irene & her Mother
In Prespect Park 1920
portrait of Irene & son
Mary and Irene
Approximately 1920
Prospect Park
Irene and Uncle John
John, Vera & Thomas
Irene and Frank Dunham
John, Vera and Thomas MacAdam
My Uncles and my Mother
Irene & Frank Dunham,
my Mother's stepfather
around 1960
Whole Family

The whole family is present in this picture except for my brother Fred. He must have gone to the washroom. The picture was likely taken as a timed shot by my Uncle Tom.

It's pretty bad, but there are no pictures of my father's side of the family in our possession. If somebody has any please send me copies!

Birthday Party
Family Group - 1948 (?)
Birthday Girl

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