My Mother & Her Family
Vera Irene MacAdam Butler

Vera - about five or so
Vera, Fred and Sunny

Vera and Fred's wedding 1935

Vera, Fred and Sonny
Fred in Boat
little me
Young Fred where he was happiest!
(hand coloured photo)
Me - about 2, I would think
twins in pram
Vera and Twins
Frank and Fred - born Sept. 3, 1937
that's a wicker pram
Vera and Twins
Vera and Frank


Fred about two

Vera and Frank
Fred at about two
Dad and us babes
Wendy Lynne at 2 or 3

Daddy and us babes about 1939
he always had that cigarette!

Wendy-Lynne at 2 or 3
what a doll!
Wendy, Mom and I
Vera & Wendy
Wendy, Mom and I
Vera and Wendy
Mom and Dad

I'd like more pictures for Mom and Dad. If anyone has pictures that would be good for this page, please send them to me. Either by e-mail or by snail mail.


Mom and Dad