Burbank Trip

On April 30th, Max and I traveled together to Burbank to visit Jamie and his family - Dawn, Keri and Drew. We had several very nice days visiting the high desert, Santa Monica pier and beach and Santa Monica downtown. We attended a performance of Keri's broadway show, pictures of which are shown here.
We also had a trip to La Brea Tar Pits and Hollywood, as well as visiting Fox Animation to see where Jamie works.
An interesting but nerve-wracking experience was when our return plane to Seattle broke down, luckily while still on the runway. This enabled us to spend one more nice day (Mother's Day) with the James Oliff family. The next day my carry-on luggage had to undergo a thorough check whilst going through security at the airport, nearly delaying our departure again.
These are some of the pictures taken during the trip.

Jamies Place - Patio

A little video in which I regale Drew and Keri with stories of their Dad as a child. This was at my birthday party.
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Drew and His Cars

Keri Dawn's Show Camp Pictures

Classic Cars at Bob's Big Boy